Sqware Houses
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We are experimenting with the creation of a small new Traverse City campus community in live-work lifestyles.

Commercial, yet something more... The moment one enters the campus, things change. There is an immediate feeling of "I have arrived" at a very special setting. And just a few feet away from the bustle of traditional business activity, this enviro-complex radiates opportunity.

To the visitor, be it a customer, supplier, associate, etc, the surroundings are welcoming, energetic, convenient, fun, and legitimate.

Common elements of bicycle and vehicle parking, pathways, landscaping, lighting, and after-hours fire pit tend to unite all within. While unique storefronts, signage, colors, etc. reinforce the individuality of each enterprise.

On grade, is an individual guest welcome center/office for public interaction, a studio workspace, and a bathroom. Above, is an efficient urban loft living space in-town, Traverse City.